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Muiñeira Campsite presents its new accommodation option called Glamping tents.
Glamping or glamorous campsite is a growing global phenomenon that combines the experience of camping outdoors with luxury and the conditions of the best hotels. The term is coined at the end of the 19th century, it is a fusion of glamor and camping words. It consists of enjoying the nature and freedom that the camping provides, without renouncing for it the comforts and the attractions of the most sophisticated lodgings.

Glamping Tents consist of 90cm mattresses, bedside table, carpet and power socket. Sleeping bag will be brought. The stores are in two different locations, some on the beach and others in the wooded area. Plaza for vehicle included in the special parking area. Pets are not allowed. No smoking in the tent.

Glamping Rates 2020


High S. Middle S. Low S.

2 places € 80 / night € 70 / night € 60 / night

4 places € 95 / night € 85 / night € 75 / night



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